Accounting Services



  • Accounting is recording financial transactions , summarizing them and communicating the financial information to users i.e. the proprietors, creditors, investors, government agencies, employees etc.
  • Book Keeping & Accounts Maintenance
  • Book keeping is a part of accounting that is concerned with the recording of financial transactions and events in the books of accounts .It is the process by which a record of financial transactions is maintained . Thus, Book Keeping is concerned with :

  • Identifying financial transaction and events
  • Measuring them in terms of money
  • Recording the financial transactions and events
  • Classifying recorded transactions and events
  • Accounts Maintenance is concerned with generating accounting information relating to funds , costs, profits, etc. as it enables the management in decision making . Advantages of accounts maintenance are :

  • Financial information about business
  • Assistance to management
  • Facilitates settlement of tax liabilities
  • Facilitates loans
  • Facilitates sales of business
  • Helpful in partnership accounts

Operating Tally ERP9 Accounting Software

Tally ERP9 is a windows based enterprise resource planning software . The software handles accounting , inventory management, order management , tax management, payroll, banking and many such requirements of the business. Tally Accounting is a software used for accounting purposes. Tally is defined as a record , count or a record of debit and credit or an account. Tally ERP9 is a perfect business management solution with an ideal combination of function, control

Internal Audit & Finance Controlling

The role of the internal audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to and improve an organizations operations. An internal audit is used to assess an organization’s performance or the execution of a process against a number of standards, policies or regulations.

  • Finance Controlling is the weekly, monthly and year end production of financial statements and regulatory reports.
  • Finance Control refers to facts that show whether or not the business hasthe right to control the economic aspects of the worker’s job
  • Regular Accounting Books Reconciliation

  • Regular Accounting is the main purpose to provide basic financial reports for annual tax returns and some very rudimentary management decisions.
  • Reconciliation of books is reconciliation carried out by the company before the closing of its books of accounts in order to ensure that books are up to date and there is no manipulation of fraud in the books of accountsof the company.
  • Reconciliation helps the management to check the accuracy of entries recorded in the cash book.
  • Any undue delay in the clearance of cheque is highlighted by the reconciliation.